Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Why host a grant-writing or other capacity-building worshop?

First, for municipalities, community development entities and educational institutions...

Hosting a workshop from the Lane Consulting Group to provide training for the nonprofit sector in your community enhances the work you do by positioning yourself as a viable leader as we seek to offer valuable and affordable ongoing training and professional growth opportunities.

Secondly, for nonprofits - Hosting a workshop;

# 1 - also builds leadership standing in your community

#2 - attracts revenue for your agency (a portion of the registration fee reverts back to the hosting agency - see sample below).

#3 - the registration fee is waived for up to 3 staff members!

*What are the primary responsibilities of a host organizer or Local Event Organizer?

1)  To secure a suitable location. Preferrably with wifi access and enough space to accommodate an agreed upon anticipated number of participants.

2. To assist with marketing. Solicit participants to register online for the upcoming training.

*In some cases, host organizers may be asked to help secure accommodations for LCG facilitator.

What is the minimum number of pre-registered attendees needed to host a workshop?

A hosting agency can approach this in one of three ways;

1) It can opt out of a minimum requirement altogether and make the training availalble "in house" or for staff members only. The cost for an in-house professional development workshop is $1,500.

2) It can pay a hosting fee of $1,500 to avoid a minimum class participation requirement and receive a portion of the registration fee for every participant who registers or,

3) It can avoid a hosting fee by meeting the minimum number of 20 pre-registered participants. The host organization will then receive compensation at the rate of $20/participant after the 20th person registers. A sample remuneration scale looks like this;

# registered        $ to the host organization

20                                $0

40                                $400

60                                $800

80                                $1,200


Can I host a workshop as a sideline opportunity?

Yes! If you are interested in individually hosting a workshop as a Local Event Organizer for the nonprofit sector in your community, contact us! The primary criteria is a significant network of relationships with the nonprofit sector in your area and meeting the minimum number of 20 pre-registered participants.


What do the training workshops cover?

Our workshops cover everything from launching a nonprofit to searching for funding opportunities to preparing a proposal! Choose a workshop from our offerings or ask us about developing a customized workshops specifically designed to meet your needs.

How long and how much does a typical workshop costs?

Workshop lengths and costs are covered on our Worshop Offerings page.

Beyond training workshops, what other services do you offer?

The Lane Consulting Group helps file documents and paperwork to launch a nonprofit. We also provided staff development, strategic planning, keynote speaking and lecture opportunities, as well as customized consulting services to help take your nonprofit to the next level.