A Word on Growing Great Nonprofits
by Derek Lane

In the fast-paced, ever-changing philanthropic world and non-profit sector, survival is all about the ability to adapt. Sustainability and relevance is about staying ahead of the curb, monitoring trends while simultaneously remaining true to your values and the mission that birthed your organization and its mission in the first place.

The ability of a community or faith-based organization to grow its organizational and financial capacity is dependent upon;

  1. Strategic Planning - The ability to properly manage and balance the operational and programmatic-side of your organization.
  2. Nurturing Relationships - The work of engaging relationally with your 3 core constituents - clients, staff & volunteers, and supporters
  3. Resource Development - Stewarding resources with a level of intentionality and leveraging resources for continued sustainability.

Capacity-building requires visionary and shared leadership and the continued work of attracting others to a cause worth fighting for. The Lane Consulting Group wants to fight alongside of increase the quality of life in our communities, to fulfill the mission of your agency, and to make a difference in the lives of all we are privileged to serve. So whether you're a community or faith-based organization, educational institution or municipal agency, visit our website at and let us know how we can help!

The Lane Consulting Group is committed to launching, growing, and funding nonprofits.