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Description of Services & Fees


Filing IRS 1023 Application Only - We assist with the filing of the IRS 1023 application to become a tax-exempt organization. If you are a newly-formed nonprofit and need assistance filing the IRS form 1023 leading to tax-exempt status for your organization, we can help.

 Cost: $1,500

Full-Launch Filing - We also assist with the development and filing of all necessary state and federal documents leading to tax-exempt status. Besides the IRS Form 1023, we also assist with the Articles of Incorporation, By-laws, & other necessary documents.

Cost: $2,300

Capacity-Building Benchmarking Tool - The Capacity-Building Benchmarking Tool is an assessment tool designed by the Lane Consulting Group to take community and faith-based organizations (including Christian Community Development Association members) to the next level through what we call the "organizational check-up." It's typically used with our strategic planning sessions but may also be used as a separate session and way to help identify strengths and areas for improvement using a spreadsheet measuring key benchmarks along 8 different areas including; 1) Board of Directors, 2) Strategic Planning, 3) Program Monitoring, 4) Community Linkages & Partnerships, 5) Resource Development & Fundraising, 6) Information Technology, 7) Managing Staff & Volunteers, and 8) Financial Management. 1/2 day session.

Cost $1,500

Strategic Planning - The strategic planning process is typically a one or two-day session that takes the board & staff through a process to either develop or clarify its mission, vision, and goals for the future.

Cost: $3,000 1-day session; $4,500 2-day session


*Introduction to Community-based Ministry - (For Faith-based Clients) 1/2-day or weekend workshop designed to introduce churches and faith-based groups to a Biblically-centered exploration and application of community-based ministry. Raise the impact your church may have using Biblical, market-based strategies for outreach and ministry.

Cost: 1/2 day session, $1,500; wknd session (including sermon during worship hour) $2,300.

*Funding the Vision: An Introduction to Grant-Writing for Community & Faith-based Organizations - A 1/2 day session for public agencies, housing authorities, community and/or faith-based organizations.

Topics covered:
* Launching a Nonprofit - securing 501c3 status
* Measuring your "organizational health" - Are you ready to write?
* Show Me the Money! (Most popular segment) Where to find grants (an interactive exercise which also shares valuable information about local funding sources and the most important website you've never heard of!)

*Power Lunch - Panel discussion: "Strengthening Your Nonprofit Capacity - Building Relationships & Attracting Resources" Special Guests Panelists include leaders in the philanthropic and nonprofit sector;

* The anatomy of a proposal - An overview of the various parts of an application & why they ask for it!

     Cost: from $59-$109/participant - Contact us about flat fees or group rates.


             Continuing Education & Professional Development Classes - (For Colleges & Universities Only)            

Grant-Writing 101
Time Frame: 2 sessions, 3 hrs each
Description: This session is an overview for launching, growing, and funding a nonprofit. Topics include; securing 501c3 status; measuring organizational health, finding grants, and preparing a grant proposal. This session is especially designed for those new to grant-writing and nonprofit work.

*Fee: $179/participant

Launching a Nonprofit
Time Frame: 2 sessions, 3 hrs each
Description: This session provides the steps for starting a nonprofit from securing a board to registering and reserving a name to providing an overview of the 501c3 application for tax-exempt status.

*Fee: $179/participant

Fundraising for Nonprofits
Time Frame: 2 sessions, 3 hrs each
Description: An overview of fundraising strategies for long-term sustainability. Includes areas such as planned giving, major donor solicitation, special events, and capital campaigns. Especially helpful for nonprofit institutions & community-based organizations.

*Fee: $179/participant

Grant-Writing Bootcamp
Time Frame: M, T, Th - 3 hrs each session
Description: Whether you’ve written a few proposals or just getting started, this invigorating course is designed to equip you with the skills and tools needed to manage a nonprofit as well as prepare, research, and write successful proposals.
This course is especially helpful for nonprofits without a full-time development staff. Participants will prepare, submit, and review mock proposals.

*Fee: $239/participant

*Fees are shared between LCG and host college/university

All session attendees will receive:
*An interactive "walk-thru" of valuable, supplemental online resources
*Continuing education credit and a certified LCG Certificate of Completion from the Lane Consulting Group.


Host Benefits:

  • The Lane Consulting Group waives the fee for up to 3 staff persons from the host organization or agency
  • For community-based workshops, local event organizers and host organizations have an opportunity to utilize training events as a fundraiser or sideline opportunity.

Committed to Community

The Lane Consulting Group works to build the capacity of nonprofits from start to finish - from securing your 501c3 tax-deductible status to grant-writing. The owner, Derek Lane, has helped launch over a dozen agencies and written or co-authored over $20 million in grants and resources for community and faith-based organizations.


Make an Impact & Difference in the Lives of Others TODAY!

Contact us once you've decided which services are best for you and/or your community. We typically prefer to plan at least 3 months in advance for a workshop to allow time for marketing and pre-registration efforts.